Standard Terms and Conditions

Below are our standard terms and conditions for services we offer and these are apply to all clients, contractual person and all work under the roof by Web Color Studio.

Payment Procedure

Our payment Procedure divided in 3 parts. First Payment, second Payment and final payment.

  1. As per our first payment you can deposit 50% amount of whole cost of project.
  2. Second payment, you can deposit 25% percent of remaining payment.
  3. Third & last payment, you can deposit all remaining amount as per project cost.
Project Handling

Our Project Handling theory are more professional and we have avoid any project delays. Our team member always dedicated to submit their tasks as per time guidelines.when your team face some technical issue on any project. it take some extra time and on this time our priority is solve the issue on quickly way. (for example we solve the issue 24-48 hrs any issue).

Have you any query and doubts on above terms and conditions? Please +91 – 81789 43261 OR